Terrapin Pharmacy Supports Our Clients

Terrapin PharmacyTerrapin Pharmacy is not only an annual supporter of Mosaic Community Services and our programs, its owner, Joel Feldmen, has focused his career on ways to improve medication adherence to help people recover.

“Most retail pharmacies are order and deliver operations,” explains Yeardley Green, Vice President of Business Development and B2B Client Services. “Terrapin Pharmacy specializes in behavioral health and focusses on helping a patient population gain independence through medication adherence.”

“If people stay on their medication, they have a much better shot at a high quality of life,” Green says.

MedherentTerrapin Pharmacy’s wall-mounted Medherent device, that contains a month’s supply of pre-sorted medication in easy-to-open packets, are installed in many Mosaic Community Services’ homes. Clients are notified when the medication is available and they activate the device by entering a pin code and touching the device’s embedded tablet. Caregivers are provided with a mobile app informing them if a consumer has not activated the device, which results in a reminder call or text to the client. The convenience and simplicity of the Medherent device and app has resulted in eligible clients taking their medication over 90% of the time, compared to the national average of 50%.

“Mosaic is a national leader in behavioral healthcare,” says Green. “When Terrapin Pharmacy looks to the National Institute for Mental Healthcare to study outcomes and adherence on a grand scale, it sounds good that we’re already working with Mosaic Community Services.”

More information on Terrapin Pharmacy can be found HERE.