Judy’s Journey Home

Nurse and client 3“I am content and happy with my life,” said Judy, with a wonderful smile.  Judy is a participant at Mosaic Community Services’ North Charles location in Baltimore City.  For too many years in Judy’s life, she was unable to make that statement.

“I always worked and took care of myself,” began Judy as she shares her story. I was always independent.  I also have wonderful childhood memories of my family.  My mother worked as a beautician and house keeper.  My sisters and I were loved.

Judy’s life did not crumble until late in life.  Since I was a young adult I recall feeling “the blues.”  I just didn’t see it as a big deal, she explains.  However, her feelings continued and as a middle-aged adult Judy began experimenting with drugs.  Gradually, she found herself dependent and her quality of life slipping away.  Judy eventually became homeless.

I just knew there was a better life for me.  With hope and courage, Judy found a program to support her desire for recovery.  “I just let go and worked it,” she recalls.  I did everything they suggested and worked the program, eventually becoming the House Manager.  In recovery, Judy was diagnosed with severe depression.

In recovery, she took important next steps to building her life.  “I was told to come to Mosaic and I have been here ever since.”  Today, she once again has her own apartment, lives independently, and is a student at Coppin State University.  Judy will be celebrating five years clean in February 2013!

In addition to participating in several of the Mosaic programs and community classes, Judy seized the opportunity to participate in Mosaic’s new integrated healthcare program.  “Ms. Dugan (Mosaic’s nurse practitioner) is so wonderful.  I can call her anytime and she wants to know everything that’s going on with me.  She just keeps helping me and anyone who needs her.”

Mosaic’s new integrated healthcare program identified that Judy was in need of specialized medical care and referred her for treatment.  Today, Judy is a cancer survivor and is continuing follow up care on other health issues.

“I feel so cared for here,” as she smiles. “I don’t want to go anywhere else.”