It’s A Good Life


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Gyorgy and executive director, Jeff Richardson, pose for a photo in front of Gyorgy's art.

While we all celebrate life's milestones, the day-to-day routine of our lives creates a sense of normalcy and balance. For Gyorgy K., life is no different.

Gyorgy had a common Baltimore childhood. The younger of two children, Gyorgy attended The Gilman School, played lacrosse, rode horses, and was considered a budding artist and poet. He and his family celebrated his acceptance to the University of Pennsylvania.

As a young man, Gyorgy was "a sensitive, kind person who received good grades and occupied much of his time drawing," said Mr. K., Gyorgy's dad.

It was the summer of his freshman year when the normalcy of Gyorgy's life changed and he experienced his first of many psychiatric hospitalizations. His college education would have to wait.

Diagnosed with schizophrenia, Gyorgy's life required a new routine. With his family's loving support, Gyorgy built a new life, with positive routines and celebrated milestones. For nearly 25 years, Gyorgy lived independently.

"He had quite a good life. I would say a normal life," explains Mr. K. He maintained his own home, had a beautiful Japanese garden in his back yard, maintained a steady relationship with a nice girl, drove a car and pursued his art. In fact, he was not taking a lot of medication during those years.

"I enjoyed designing and building the Japanese garden with him," his dad recalls.

In 2005, Gyorgy's life would dramatically change once again. "It was an awful day," recalls Mr. K. "We found Gyorgy at home in need of emergency medical care." While acts of violence cross all socio-economic levels, individuals with mental illness are more likely to be the victim of a crime. It would be a month before Gyorgy was allowed to leave the hospital and another six weeks of intensive rehabilitation.

Today, Gyorgy's life has a new sense of normalcy. He is a member of Mosaic's family, participating in Mosaic's residential and rehabilitation programs. His art remains a focus in his life. Gyorgy's most recent art show was in 2009 and he has had his work shown in "2013 World Calligraphy Biennale of Jeollabuk-Do."

"Gyorgy is a great guy," says Jeff Richardson, Executive Director of Mosaic Community Services. "He is a talented artist and I am pleased with my purchase."

"Gyorgy is a good man, who has worked hard to build a positive life,'" states Mr. K. "I think he succeeded."