Community Leaders, Neil and Dixie Leikach

Neil and Dixie Leikach, community leaders who support Mosaic clients.

Neil and Dixie Leikach were introduced to Mosaic by clients who delivered medications for the pharmacy where Dixie worked many years ago. The clients were participants in Mosaic’s vocational services program; she still gets excited when she reunites with them. The Leikachs own and operate Your Community Pharmacy whose locations in Catonsville and Finksburg service Mosaic’s clients. They are trusted pharmacists, community pillars, and generous contributors to Mosaic Community Services.

Your Community Pharmacy has been an annual and sustaining sponsor of Mosaic Community Services for more than ten years.

Neil and Dixie support Mosaic “because the organization makes a difference in a person’s life,” says Neil who feels it’s all about community, building relationships and just doing the right thing.

“Mosaic helps clients gain the confidence and skills to manage their illness and advocate for themselves,” offers Dixie, who met Neil while they were both students at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

At his Catonsville location, Neil interacts with Mosaic clients on a daily basis and really knows them on a personal level.

“Neil takes the time to explain any issues there may be when it comes to a patient’s insurance,” explains Kim, a program coordinator in Mosaic’s Catonsville location.

Our clients find Neil to be very personable. When asked why they like to go to the Your Community Pharmacy in Catonsville, Lucy summed it up best, “Mr. Neil is a wonderful man!”