Become a Community Partner

You can make a difference.

Your company can make a difference in the lives of the clients we serve. You employ them, we provide you the support!

Together, we are helping people locate full-time or part-time positions. Additionally, your business is eligible to earn income tax credits through The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program.

For information on the WOTC program, click here.

Employment Facts

  • Employment promotes teamwork and encourages friendships;
  • Employment builds structure in daily life;
  • Employment provides income;
  • A job well done contributes to self-esteem.

Supported Employment Services

Once enrolled in the Vocational Services Program, all clients are assigned a Mosaic Employment Specialist. Each client is then given an employment assessment, which identifies their interest, skills and career options. Mosaic works with the employer and client to increase work success and job satisfaction.

At no cost to you, Mosaic’s Employment Specialists provide each employer with the following assistance:

Provides on-site and off-site job coaching to assist clients in mastering their job responsibilities.

Works with employers and clients to help remove barriers to successful employment

Provides feedback to the client regarding their job performance.

Provides on-going follow up and support for the duration of employment.

Our Involvement Does Not End with Job Placement

Our Employment Specialists will continue to be available to meet with you to problem-solve and discuss any ongoing work issues.

We also offer resources on understanding addiction recovery, mental health disorders, brain injuries and other disabilities.

Community Partnerships

Our clients are resilient individuals who have made remarkable progress in overcoming their disabilities.

You have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these motivated individuals. Perhaps you know someone with mental illness, brain injury or other disability. By partnering with Mosaic Community Services, we can make their recovery goals a reality.

In addition to seeking employment opportunities with are businesses, Mosaic can also accommodate your sub-contracting needs. If you have small landscaping jobs, office cleaning, other projects such as envelope stuffing or piece work – we can help!

What Mosaic Employers Say

Mosaic wants to earn your business. Here are a few quotes from our loyal and satisfied employers.

“Mosaic staff are always easy to work with”

“Mosaic is always very supportive.”

“I am a happy client.”

“Mosaic clients are very dependable.”

“Mosaic clients are great to work with.”

If you want to make a difference in the lives of our clients and help build a better community, please contact Mosaic’s Vocational Services Program!

410-876-3007, x. 1622