Fund for Clients in Crisis

Meet Donna

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Donna, 70, doesn’t remember a time when her top front teeth were not jagged or rotten. It’s been at least 20 years, she says, unable to identify a reason for the decay. Donna lives in Towson with her cats and explains that she’s been told she has dementia.

But her toothy smile shines when she exclaims that she has finally mastered the art of getting her new dentures in and out fairly quickly. Dr. Bloom, one of the two dentists with whom Mosaic Community Services partnered for the dental program, extracted Donna’s ten top teeth, cleaned and capped her bottom teeth, and provided her with a set of perfect dentures. Her gums hurt when she first started wearing her new dentures, she said, but they fit so well she doesn’t even need polygrip.

Now, she says, she excited for the next field trip to Golden Corral so she can test the teeth out on hamburgers, potatoes and corn—delicious food she hasn’t been able to really enjoy in at least two decades!

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Emergency Fund case for support

At Mosaic Community Services, many of those we serve are Medicaid eligible and have an average estimated income of $14,000 per year.  For these individuals, especially new clients, it is vitally important we find the resources to stabilize their basic needs and living situation so they can focus on remaining in treatment.  Gifts to this fund provide one-time support to clients for emergency situations and to provide basic needs.

Mosaic allocates more than $50,000 in emergency funding to clients.  These funds provide emergency housing, clothing, dental care and more. The majority of these funds support individuals being discharged from in-patient settings who do not have other resources, or individuals progressing in their recovery and need personal items for greater independence. 

100% of your support will be allocated to a client's need.  

Thank you!