Mosaic Community Services has identified the following long-term funding priorities. If you have an interest in supporting a program not listed here, please contact Christiane (Chris) Walker at 410-453-9553 x.1151 or

Fund for Client Crisis 

At Mosaic Community Services, 90% of those we serve are Medicaid eligible and have an average estimated income of $14,000 per year.  For those we serve, especially new clients, it is vitally important we find the resources to stabilize their basic needs and living situation so they can focus on remaining in treatment.  Gifts to this fund provide one-time support to clients for emergency situations and to provide basic needs.

Fund for Youth

Mosaic Community Services serves over 1,000 children annually.  For these children and their families, in-home counseling, group activities and the residential programs provide a life-line for those coping with mental illness and addiction.  These programs are in vital need of financial and in-kind support.  Gifts to this fund provide important program support.


Recovery is possible for everyone!  Individuals with mental illness and addictions can live healthy, happy, productive lives in the community through comprehensive health services specifically tailored to the needs of the individual.  Gifts to its Community Care Fund provide important program support across the organization. Focus areas include:

  • Staff development to ensure the highest quality of care.  
  • Social and recreation activities for clients to encourage full community participation and to aid recovery.
  • Art therapy is an important vehicle of self-expression no matter an individuals’ artistic ability and vital to an individual’s self-discovery and healing. 

Staff Development Fund

For those we serve, a long-term trusting relationship with highly-skilled staff is fundamental to an individual’s recovery.  Additionally, retaining quality staff who understand the unique needs of individuals with mental illness and addition is essential to our clients’ quality of care.  Gifts to this fund provide for a wide range of staff retention and professional development programming for our dedicated staff of over 600 employees.

Fund for Employment

Recovery focuses on people creating satisfying and hopeful lives that contribute to the community.  The value of having a meaningful vocation is fundamental to an individual’s recovery.  In fact, research indicates employment, in and of itself, is a strong therapeutic tool and employed individuals with mental illness need fewer and less intensive services.  Gifts to this fund support individuals who want to find and retain meaningful employment in their community.

Fund or Veterans Services

Gifts to this fund will help us build long-term support service to create sustained change in the lives of veterans and their families, by covering basic and urgent expenses such as food, moving costs, utilities, transportation and child care. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Veterans Housing Assistance Program.


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