Andrew Solomon

Photo from An Evening with Andrew Solomon, held on October 16, 2014On Thursday, October 16, 2014, Mosaic was honored to host New York Times best-selling author and lecturer, Andrew Solomon. Approximately 300 members of the community came to hear Mr. Solomon’s talk, to support recovery and to be part of a positive conversation about mental illness.

With a captivating blend of candor, honesty and wit, Mr. Solomon shared deeply personal, compelling stories and insights about his own struggle with depression and talked about his experiences meeting with people from around the world who have faced incredible challenges with mental illness; how they overcame fears, found help, forged a path to recovery and continue to focus on mental wellness.

Mr. Solomon talked about the need for community-based services and commended the work of organizations, like Mosaic. He underscored the great need for mental health services by those living at or below the poverty line in our communities. The poor in our communities may endure undiagnosed mental illnesses, all too often masked by the desperation of life circumstances, rather than the desperation of treatable illness.

A particular quote from Mr. Solomon’s talk resonated with many of the evening’s guests….

“People with mental illness aren’t scary – they’re suffering.”

Mosaic’s executive director, Jeff Richardson, said, “…It’s vitally important to us as an organization to begin the positive dialogue about mental illness, bring this topic out of the shadows and come together as a community in continued support for recovery….There are many friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors and others depending on us.” Jeff asked that everyone help us keep the conversation going!

Mosaic Executive Director, Jeff Richardson with Andrew Solomon.

Photo from An Evening with Andrew Solomon, held on October 16, 2014

Thank you to CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield for sponsoring the evening; to Andrew Solomon and most of all, to everyone who joined us for an exceptional evening of hope, strength and support for those with mental illness, their families and our community.

Read more from Andrew Solomon at his website,

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