Mosaic Community Services will host Ruby Wax for her “Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled” tour next week. This begs the question: what does mindfulness have to do with me?

Ruby Wax Collage

We’re frazzled, face it. None of us works in a vacuum. There are board calls, shareholder meetings, staff conference calls, family dinners; we have to schedule “desk time” just to get some time with a keyboard. From that perspective, adding the additional commitment to seek some quiet time to meditate sounds crazy and almost impossible.

But mindfulness has occupied the C-suite for decades. It’s how corporate leaders are able to focus, problem solve, and anticipate needs. In 2014, the Harvard Business Review highlighted mindfulness and the value it brings to the competitive C-suite environment. “It’s important that leaders with great responsibilities gain focus and clarity in making their most important decisions, creativity in transforming their enterprises, compassion for their customers and employees, and courage to go their own way.” [i]

But mindfulness need not be limited to powerbrokers. We are all leaders. We lead committees. We lead teams. We lead families. Being mindful is just as it sounds- taking notice of the way an object feels, our reaction as it happens, the temperature in the office. Right now.

Mosaic Community Services invited Ruby Wax to speak at Goucher College on Tuesday, March 29th to introduce all of us to mindfulness and how we can learn to be more present and aware. This awareness will help us focus, strategize, and succeed.

Tickets are still available: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/comedian-ruby-wax-presents-a-mindfulness-guide-for-the-frazzled-tickets-20106353645?aff=nonsponsoredLinkedIn

i https://hbr.org/2014/03/developing-mindful-leaders-for-the-c-suite/