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Join us as we seek to build healthy communities, one artist at a time. 

On February 6, 2017, Robin celebrated 26 years in recovery. 

In 1986, Robin returned home to Maryland after almost dying from a crack cocaine overdose and surviving a first marriage strangled with verbal and emotional violence. Robin relocated to New York to participate in an Art Therapy Masters program at NYU. That was, however, was not to be her future. 

In 1991, after being sick and tired of being sick and tired, she walked into 12 step rooms.  

She believes recovery is more than just not using. Strong recovery is about learning to manage our disease of addiction/alcoholism by recognizing personal triggers. It’s about healing from past traumas and discovering and stepping into our dreams to use our God-given talents to help and serve others. 

Creating is a way for Robin to express feelings that would otherwise get bottled up inside.

Robin is a participating artist in Mosaic's Create for Recovery.  In her donated piece, In My Path, My Recovery, she explores how life and recovery are always a journey. 

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